Personal space - Lili Zoe Érmezei – Viola Kaulics 
Curator: Éda Manó Meggyesházi 

Where we can identify the boundaries of our own personal space, is where we find our intimacy. 

The fragility of intimacy does not come from its weakness but from the fact that it is different for each and every person and the way it is perceived, if we are able at all to except the space of our own and others. What we are allowed to do and what we not. 

Does the option of intimacy mean that we have the opportunity to be, as we are? 

Therefore we cannot talk of personal space in general, but someone’s personal space, someone’s intimacy. In this case two artists, who play with this notion. Both artists have chosen to approach intimacy in an entirely different fashion.

Viola Kaulics, through her project, has to discover for herself what it means to her to be intimate. She needed to realize that intimacy means co-existence.

Viola places herself into scenarios where she is part of a fictional relationship. The emphasis is not on her but on the male side, who are different on each and every photograph as a result introducing a colorful scenery of intimacy. Her characters are positioned in a manner that offers they live in intimacy through their everyday life. The intimate relation which evolves between the two suggests how one can or should open their own personal space towards the other and create one. Where not only the positive is lived through but everything else.

Lili Zoe Érmezei ’s approach towards photography is uncommon and progressive, since she takes her photographs on-line throught skype, which changes the usual relation between the model and the photographer. Her models are placed in an impersonal, white environmen clashing initimacy with the sterile.

Lili Zoé rests her project on the absence of the photographer, therefore it becames a colloboration, where the photographer is not present, however available and viewable. With this distance the models gain freedom and equal opportunity to express themselves and become the creators of the project. They are not directed in any manner, but being helped by the sterile, empty space they are in. There are no invented poses which the models need to take up, the photographer is interested in the process how her models find their own way to their bodies to form and conquer the space they are being photographed in.






January 18, 2012, 19h

Open: 19 January 2012 - 17 February 

Tuesday - Thursday


Budapest VIII.
Horánszky u. 25.