Take the Money and Run - Dániel Halász
Curator: Sári Stenczer

For quite a while now, artists have been readily using the controversial device of appropriation with the goal of pointing out the pitfalls of society, dangerous ideologies and inequalities weighted by the media. This kind of “creative theft” (Deleuze) also inquires into power structures (of art and the state), their organisation and purposeful use. Through the gesture of creating analytical context, its complex content motivates the spectator to engage in critical interaction.

Accordingly, all Dániel Halász does in his exhibition Take the Money and Run (sic! Woody Allen) is assemble photographs, highlighted texts and objects extracted from their original environment, in order to make the spectator ponder about such things as the units of measure for public education, diplomas and ultimately even civil law. How can the scientific, ideological and intellectual achievements of a country’s institutions and experts be defined and described? Do these really have solely economic implications?

The unaltered photographs at the exhibition are from the Hamst3r.com website, the texts originate from Hungarian public life, and the rest of the lined up objects are related to daily life. This deconstructive-constructive mimesis brings us back into reality from the art space, into the unavoidable factuality of the hermeneutical questions of our physical world – moreover, into the obligation of finding a reading for our doubts regarding originality and the myth of the individual.

The preying-appropriating act of the artist-citizen reflects on a number of issues, but especially the alienating communication taking place in Hungary, more specifically the education bill according to which graduate students leaving the country for a longer period would have to refund the cost of their studies.

Sári Stenczer

Lumen Galéria

8 December 2011

Mikszáth Kálmán tér. 2.
H-1088 Budapest

The exhibition is open until:

Monday - Friday: 9-19h

Saturday: 11-16h

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