Recalculating - Peter Trembeczki 
Curator: Judit Gellér 

 Walking the path of life, we often come to significant crossroads where our next decisions will ultimately determine the directions of our next movement. At each of these junctions we must quickly calculate a new route, and as the traffic light turns towards green, we must leave this comfortable spot and move forward. Usually, there is too little time to contemplate, to unfold our deepest layers, to gnaw on our problems and sorrows.

In his latest series of photographs, "Recalculating" the artist Peter Trembeczki reveals moments in which his own peccability is caught red-handed, revealing the constantly re-emerging aspects and consequences of his decisions. The sincerity of Trembeczki's decisive words and images allow us too to consider our life choices with the question: what strength might we bring to face our own shortcomings? How honestly can we face our own mistakes, freely willing to expose our toughest challenges?

Just like the constant desire to orient ourselves on a map of intertwined roads, the tensions between revelation and concealment are based upon deciding whether or not to traverse our own personal boundaries and junctures. Like the cooperation between artist and curator in this series, the sequences of decisions and recalculations, the constant search for the optimal solution, is led by the intention to make the puzzle complete by putting each fragment and particle in an associative order.

Faur Zsófi Galéria - Panel

24 November 2011 19.00

H 1114 Budapest,
Bartók Béla út 25.

The exhibition is open until:
22 December 2011

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