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Exhibition series by the Studio of Young Photographers, Hungary

OVER-VIEW 2 is a program that brings together young and talented photographers and curators at the beginning of their careers to collaborate in the making of exhibitions. The program is built on the premise that fruitful cooperation between artists and curators is essential in contemporary art, yet young professionals rarely get the chance to practice it.

Launched for the second time, OVER-VIEW helps artists and curators to gain practical skills and intellectual tools to create successful exhibitions in a real-life situation. After a period of four months dedicated to preparation under professional guidance, the program results in a series of exhibitions that will take place between March and May 2014 in non-profit and for-profit art galleries. Seven Budapest-based galleries participate in the program, hosting 7 curators and thus 7 exhibitions featuring 11 artists.

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secretary, FFS

Péter Trembeczki
project lead




» OVER-VIEW ARCHIVE 2011/2012. 








OVER-VIEW 2's timeline:

7 March - 4 April 2014
Under Construction
Bakonyi Zsuzsa, Barcza Gergely, Illés Katalin
curator: Kácsor Adrienn | FKSE Stúdió Galéria

12 March - 19 April 2014
Beyond nature
Martinkó Márk, Zagyvai Sári
curator: Török Tünde | Viltin Galéria

20 March - 12 April 2014
Hodosy Enikő
curator: Barkóczi Flóra | Várfok Project Room

27 March - 30 April 2014
In case of photography
Horváth János, Rácmolnár Milán
curator: Zsámboki Miklós | ArtBázis Összművészeti Műhely

2 April - 2 May 2014
„they are looking around in my head again"
Neogrády-Kiss Barnabás
curator: Juhász Anna | Faur Zsófi Galéria – Panel

9 April - 10 May 2014
There's nothing wrong in that
Szent-Iványi Réka
curator: Ruda Szandra | Godot Galéria

17 April - 16 May 2014
That's excellent or something
Bartha Máté, Kozma Andrea
curator: Gyenge Nóra, Lődi Virág, Mucsi Emese | Casati Art Corner Galéria